Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Credit where credit is due!

I was so excited to see that the local children's theatre was hosting a camp for children of special needs. I immediately signed Mary up. Phineas and Ferb is one of her favorite cartoons, and this was the theme for the week. Mary was so excited, everyday practicing the theme song from the show. I was excited more for my own selfish reasons. I could send her to a camp where I didn't have to worry about her fitting in or being able to follow along. Then I received an email that they cancelled the camp due to low enrollment. However, I did have the option of sending her to the "regular" camp the week after. Still the Phineas and Ferb theme, but with no leaders for special needs kids. I ran the whole camp cancelled thing by Mary, hoping she wouldn't care. Boy was I wrong! Mary was devastated, stating how she knew the theme song and all. So, I told her I would see if there was anything else for her, as I contemplated sending her to the other camp session. It took me 3 days of worrying, wanting her to go, but afraid of her not fitting in, or being able to keep up.

Finally, I called the director of the camp. After trying my best to explain Mary to him, he assured me that we could give it a try and if she is not happy they can refund the camp fee. I know that Mary will be fine! I know I don't give her enough credit, I get so caught up in her "differences" from other kids, that I get blind to just how much she is like other kids. Even bringing her to the YMCA kids club gets me worried. I always feel I have to explain her to people, yet everyone says she had no problems, got along just great, etc.. I do realize that there are certain situations where I need to explain some things about her, I just wish I didn't make more out of it than there is. I would like to say, Mary is a happy, healthy,loving, caring, unique child with a dash of quirky. Something like that. Why do I need to be so technical? I will come up with something!


Sandy Nawrot said...

Mary is very adaptable, but I understand why you worry. You just don't want someone to hurt her or take advantage. Of all camps to cancel, why did they have to mess with the special needs one? I hope she enjoys the regular one!


I do the same thing with my daughter sometimes too. I think that we analyze our kids so much and know the reasons for some of their quirky behavior that it makes us worry or feel they don't fit in...when in reality some of the kids she is around probably don't even notice.

Not to say that they don't ( my daughter has alot of social issues and gets picked on ) but I think as mom's sometimes we over think things. Its just out of love and wanting to protect them. Can't fault us for that, right?

I hope camp works out for her..:)

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