Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things Mary says II.......

This post should also be known as things Mary does..... Mary has straight hair, last week I noticed a strand of hair that was curled. Of course Mary had no idea how it got curled. It's amazing how sharp she is when she doesn't want to fess up to something. I knew she got into her sisters room and was messing with the curling iron, but no matter what, she did not admit to it. Today, I noticed her hair on the top of her head was burned! After much prodding and trying to get her to tell the truth, she admitted to using the straightening iron. So, once again, she is banned from being upstairs by herself. I will not even think of the what ifs!

Last weekend we went to see a couple of movies. I will put this all in Mary's words. We saw Despictable Me,and Source of the Prentice, which Mary enjoyed. Mary said she wants to see "A Teen", (A Team), as well as "Cats & Dogs, the return of Kitty of the Galore (Kitty Galore). Oh, and she would also like to see "Exception" (Inception), as well as, no problem with this one, Ramona & Beezus, which she read the book of it. I got all this in one sentence while waiting for Despicable Me to start. I really should put all of this in a book!

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Sandy Nawrot said...

Yes you should! I can't believe she got all that out in one sentence. It would make my head hurt. We loved Despicable Me and Inception (although Inception is not a movie to see after takes every brain cell you have!)