Monday, August 2, 2010

Camp day!

Well, I dropped Mary off at camp this morning. I just love those moments when you realize that everything happens for a reason. The camp Mary was supposed to go to was cancelled, so I signed her up for one with kids who are not special needs. Well, we get there and she sees not 1, but 3 girls she knows from her old school. As luck would have it, they were probably the only 3 who actually played with her at that school. After dropping her off, I left not feeling stressed or worried, but happy, maybe a little humbled? You see, I realized that the special needs camp was cancelled just so Mary could be in this one, so she could feel just like everybody else. As I said before, I don't give her enough credit, I have little hope that she will fit in with so called, "normal kids". Mary is as normal, if not more normal than some kids I have seen!

Stay tuned for camp Phineas and Ferb, the results.....

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Sandy Nawrot said...

I am so glad! You are definitely right, things DO happen for a reason. We just have to give up the control and believe that it will happen and not worry (ha).