Thursday, August 19, 2010

One more week

It's been a while since I've written anything. I am patiently awaiting Mary's first day of school next Wed., my other 2 went back this week. I am temporarily in limbo, I don't know what the heck to do with myself. Overall it's been a good summer. I really didn't have much planned for my kids this summer, one beach week and 2 seperate weeks of camp. I have always given them a full summer, so I thought we would take it easy this year. Well clearly, I need to find a happy medium. Everybody was bored to death, except my son who spent 3 weeks with his cousins in Virginia. Last year they complained about having to get up early all the time to go to camp. I'll figure it all out next year.

One thing I've learned about Mary is, if she gets too much of something, that's all she wants to do. Just like hanging out with her friends, she became obsessed with seeing them everyday. My oldest daughter Sarah whom Mary idolizes, spent a lot of time with Mary. Well, that led to Mary constantly asking for Sarah, even calling her on the phone at 7 in the morning! Then towards the end of the summer, we didn't really go out much at all. So when I do need to go out, like to the grocery store, Mary says "NO" I am not going! Apparently she has become obsessed with sitting and watching t.v. all day. My fault, I know.

Here are just a few things Mary has shown growth in this summer. As I said before, she is asking more questions about how and why things are the way they are. Some things are a bit odd, she asked me yesterday where the mail came from, did it come from a factory? Funny the things we take for granted that our children just should automatically know. Although Mary has spent plenty of time on the computer, playing games and of course watching t.v. episodes, she has now learned how to shop online. Much to my dismay, when I say we need to go to Target or the mall, she will look up websites to see what she can get. Probably the biggest thing, I don't know how, but she figured out how to play solitaire on my Ipod. Solitaire requires numbers in sequence, and every other color is the same. It seems that all the things she has trouble with, math, following more than one step at a time, is involved in that game, but she figured it out! I asked everybody in the house, no one helped her.
We seem to be on a no string pulling streak, however, I have noticed her twirling her hair. I thought, thank God, finally something non-destructive. That was until I had to unknot her hair! Can't wait to see how all this plays out when school starts. Stay tuned.....


Sandy Nawrot said...

I was going to text you today to see if you were feeling better now that summer was over. Then I remembered that your summer is still here for a few more days. I have the same issue with planning summer. I have definitely overdone some years where we can't even breathe. This summer was probably a couple of weeks underplanned. Live and learn I guess!

Zibilee said...

It sounds like in some ways, Mary is a typical kid! I think it's really neat that she figured out solitaire. Lord knows I still have problems figuring it out! I hope that she has great success with school this year, and look forward to hearing more about it!