Monday, August 9, 2010

Camp Success!!

Well, camp Phineas and Ferb was a huge success. Mary's counselors said she did fine, she woke up every morning ready to go and remembered all she had to bring with her. Remembering her lunch box and a sweater were easy, I was surprised because her lyrics which were all over the house all week long, managed to be in her hands every morning, with NO reminders from me!
Friday there was a small performance to end the camp. This included 4 song and dance numbers, which made Mary very nervous. Even though she was practicing all week, she was still nervous, more for the fact that people would be watching her. I admit, I was afraid she would stand out like a sore thumb, not being able to follow along with the rest of the kids. Boy was I wrong! Mary had all the moves down, even though singing and dancing at the same time was difficult, she did not look any different than the rest of the kids. As a matter of fact, she did better than one poor uncoordinated child. We did have one hairy moment in between songs. Mary noticed her shoe lace was untied. This I know, sent her into a tizzy, I know she could not focus on anything other than getting that shoe tied. I could see the look on her face, her eyes searching, her foot, the people, her teachers. Finally, she couldn't take it, she bent down to tie the shoe, and one of her teachers ran over and did it for her quickly, so Mary could catch up to the other kids. The entire process probably took all of 2 minutes, but to me it seemed like an hour, in slow motion! Needless to say, Mary didn't miss a beat, she was happy, smiling, and knew just what she had to do. All of which left me with tears in my eyes, and a heart swollen with pride. Next summer, I will not be looking into any "special needs" camps!


Sandy Nawrot said...

She was so cute when she came home Thursday, and didn't want to practice her songs in front of me! You could tell she was excited about the whole thing. I'm so glad this worked out for her. ( more week.)

Zibilee said...

I can imagine that you were just as nervous about her being up there as she was! I am so glad that she was able to get it down pat and have such a great time at camp! A wonderful summer milestone, for both of you!