Sunday, October 31, 2010

Writer's block?

Either I am suffering from writer's block, or I have finally come to terms with Mary, being Mary. Sure, things still happen around here that make me go hmmm, but I guess they just don't eat at me anymore. Every time something comes up and I think about blogging about it, I say, " nah, it's not that big a deal". I believe starting this blog has helped me tremendously.

After a while, I felt like I was repeating myself in my posts. They began to sound too whiny. I do not want to become one of those people who complains about things constantly, because Lord knows, I am aware that life could be a lot more difficult. I know how blessed and lucky I am. I guess I needed to get out my feelings so ultimately I was able to kick my self and say, "get over it already"!.

I have even noticed that in my everyday conversations with people, eventually, the subject of Mary comes up. I know, when I get on the subject of Mary, it seems sometimes I can't stop! So there again, I tell myself I need to stop, there is nothing new. I am the only one who cares. I do not, by any means, mean to say the people I talk to do not care, just that they see her as who she is and not what she has, or does. It's high time I start thinking that way. There I go, I know I have mentioned that more than once in my posts.

So what now? Believe me, there are plenty of things I feel are blog worthy. When I think of the money that we pay for therapy and medications to help us get through the difficult times, it amazes me. In the past I have always searched for answers through other people. All along, knowing myself what I need to do. All it took to find this out was starting a blog. Maybe I should start working on the other members of my family and change my blog to Diagnosing Murphy. Now that will be an undertaking!

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Zibilee said...

It is so cool to hear that the blog has helped you in so many ways! It sounds like it's been a type of therapy for you, and is probably much much cheaper than the actual thing!