Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where to begin!

I am doing a very poor job of keeping up with my blogging. Truth is, as far as Mary goes, it is always the same old same old. This it seems has turned out to be a good thing. I have come to realize that stressing over what she does or does not do is something that blogging has helped me not do anymore. So, I go for long stretches of time with no posts. Then, like this week, I have tons of stuff to update. Yes, I am now updating, no longer whining or complaining, stressing or worrying. Again, this is a good thing. If I have nothing to update for a month or two, again, good things.

Now, for an update on school. We finally know what Mary will be doing this next school year. Kaley Elementary is the public school we are zoned for, and is within walking distance from my house. There, they have what they call a V.E. class. Varying Exceptionalities. This classroom is a self contained class with 8-9 kids, one teacher and one paraprofessional. One class, one teacher, with the exception of P.E, art and music. No more switching classes, and having a different teacher for every subject. Perfect for Mary. Also, and the best of all, no mingling with the teenagers! As she will be one of the older kids in the whole school. During the first 3-4 weeks of school, they will test her, and see where she is both academically and psychologically. This is wonderful, no separate testing away from school. Hopefully, she will just figure this is a normal part of her day and not feel the pressure of testing. I am very excited for Mary. Problem is, we cant really tell her just yet. Mary is somewhat aware that she is going to a different school, but once we tell her in those exact words, she will start obsessing and stressing. I know over the summer when she is away from Avalon, and we tell her, she will be very excited.

I will try not to go into overload on this one post, but there is still a few more things to update. We had a neurologist appointment last week and Mary is scheduled for her annual EEG this week. We have had to up the dosage on her ADD medication, which is still in its, lets wait and see what happens stage. With all that, I am sure another post will be coming soon. As I finish up this post, I realize that I may still have a bit more whining to do. This whining is still in its processing stage, once I have figured it out, I'm sure there will be a post. So, stay tuned...

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Zibilee said...

Oh, now I am all abuzz about what is going on, and can't wait to read more of your thoughts! I am so glad that you found a school that is going to work out for her, and that she won't have to change classes or be around the teenagers! It's awesome also that the school is so close to your house. Here's hoping that Mary is excited and looking forward to it when you let her in on it!