Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going to camp...

Mary is on her second day at Vacation Bible School camp. It is only till 12 o'clock, and I knew she would be o.k. being in familiar surroundings with people she knows. So far, so good, she is having a good time. I love that she finally can relay to me some of what she did during the day. Sunday evening she was very stressed out. I know she was worried about going to camp and starting something new. When Mary is worried about something, she becomes very distressed. Always, when I ask her what's bothering her, she says she doesn't know. There is really nothing I can do or say to make her feel better. It is only after she goes, that she feels better. As long as nothing negative happens. I guess like most of us, she is afraid of the unknown.

Our summer so far is going well. I feel like I've got my Mary back. I don't know if it has been the change in medication, or keeping her from playing with those girls everyday. We still have issues with unraveling the hems in her shirts, but it is definitely not happening as much. Hopefully it will stop all together. She does seem less stressed. We are getting ready to go on vacation for a week at the beach. We take this trip every summer, and every summer Mary starts obsessing about it. I know she is nervous because even though we go every year, she can't quite remember how she felt, so it becomes an unknown all over again. Already she is talking about the long drive, and where she is going to sit in the car. I wish I had magic words, because she will drive us all crazy until we get there!

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