Monday, June 28, 2010

Headed to the beach.....

Leaving home for the beach turned into a tense filled event. We were going to take two cars due to all we bring to the beach for the week. Suitcases, boogie boards, umbrella, pails, shovels, fishing gear, and of course, my husbands metal detecting gear. Oh how I hope he comes upon something valuable one day. If anything so we don't have to hear him gripe about never finding anything of value. Anyway, that made Mary happy because two cars meant she could sit in "her" spot and not in the middle. Then Tom realized with some crafty maneuvering, we could all go in his truck.
Mary had a colossal hissy fit. No amount of explanation, consoling, or deal making made her feel better. So naturally, I turned to screaming at her. Something I always immediately regret.

I turned to the back seat and very sarcastically said "there's more leg room in the middle anyway". In which Christine, (my 2nd oldest) said she was just thinking the same thing. Christine, being Christine naturally agreed to sit in the middle.
I am so proud of my oldest girls. Both Sarah and Christine have an innate sense of wanting to be helpful, but knowing they shouldn't just jump in and save the day. We decided after we stopped for lunch, they would switch seats, and Mary could have her seat directly behind me.

All was right again in Mary's world, and of course in mine.

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