Friday, May 21, 2010

Back from the psychologist

Just got done with the psychologists evaluation/recommendations for Mary. We still have multiple disorders and unknowns. However, I am feeling a bit more hopeful again. My main concern right now is her destroying her clothes. Dr. seems to think it is a side effect from the ADD meds, which makes sense. When we increased the dosage, her picking at things became worse. So, we will call the pediatrician and change meds. Of course more therapies were recommended for Mary, like behavior therapy, occupational, blah, blah... Heard it all before. More testing is needed to determine Aspergers and Sensory processing disorder. I am truly convinced that we will always have to do more of this or that and never have a definitive diagnosis or treatment plan. So we will spend the summer meeting with more people, etc.. make sure we have her in the right school and so on. I guess the one truth we have is her brain is not functioning properly, it is like living with a toddler. Mary is stuck somewhere in the middle. She is not disabled enough to be considered extreme and she is not "normal", whatever that is these days.

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