Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seriously now...

I have more than a few reasons for starting this blog. One big one is most definitely how much fun we can have with all this. I realized one day that not a day goes by in this house with out something happening. More times than not, thankfully, it is something funny. I do not want it to seem all gloomy. Life is wonderful, I have a great life. Mary is the brightest part of it all. I feel I have learned more from her than I could imagine. Mary is my most compassionate and loving child. She thanks me every night for making dinner, always compliments me and tells me how much she loves me. I do get sad sometimes, because honestly it is not easy some days. But, most days are amusing to say the least.

Today was a mostly uneventful day. My husband is out of the country on a mission trip for the week. I cleaned, did laundry, while my children laid around watching tv. I'm still moping around a bit, I have managed to have both of my older daughters angry with me. We went to church, dinner and then we all went to see a movie. I was thinking, wow, today was a good day. Mary did not destroy one shirt, nor did she do anything without asking or telling me.

We saw the movie "Letters to Juliet". Great movie, even my son liked it. I was commenting to my children how nice it was to see a good clean movie, no cursing, nudity, etc. My son reminded me of a scene where an old man gives someone the finger. I said, "at least Mary went to the bathroom then." I turned around and there she is manipulating her fingers so she could give me the bird! What a laugh we all had. I remembered her doing that at the beginning of the school year, she saw someone at school do it. So at 9:30p.m. my uneventful day ended in a good laugh, and I believe, my daughters are no longer angry with me.

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