Monday, May 24, 2010

Orthodontist visit

In the last 2 years, Mary has had extensive dental work. Expander to widen the roof of her mouth, Herbst appliance, which basically rigged her top and bottom jaw to move in opposite directions, braces, and head gear. Mary was miserable, but took it like a trooper. To have this work done at 8-9 years old is tough. I wouldn't want to do it. We started all of this work at such an early age because she just looked awful. Her teeth were all over the place. They were different sizes and shapes. Mary had what they called an "over jet", more severe than an overbite. Her teeth were growing straight out of her mouth, she couldn't close her mouth because her teeth were in the way. Finally about 3 months ago, everything was removed except the expander which we had to attach a retainer to every night at bedtime. The dentist wanted to make sure we kept her teeth straight before we started phase 2, (braces again).

One night before bed, Mary decided she didn't want the retainer in her mouth anymore. I don't know how, but it had to take a lot of effort as well as pain, she removed it. I noticed the next night when I went to floss her teeth. After rushing to the dentist the next morning they determined it was too mangled to replace. So, Mary got a little break from the metal.

Today, the Orthodontist informed us that all her adult teeth would be in and they are starting phase 2, in 6 months. More braces, Mary is not happy. I know it is necessary because I can already tell there is some undesired shifting going on as her teeth grow in. I hope and pray she doesn't decide to get the pliers out and start pulling at them!

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