Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time for a new evaluation

It has been 4 years since Mary's last neuropsychological evaluation. After 5 hours of testing, my husband and I get to meet with the psychologist. The evaluation and recommendations are so extensive we need 2 appointments. Our first appt. was this past Tuesday. I was hoping for one diagnosis to explain it all. We were convinced Mary had Asperger's Syndrome because she has many characteristics of AS. Well, we had a list of 9 of the doctors diagnostic impressions. I believe they cover just about every area of learning there is! ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder with OCD traits, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Mixed Receptive and Expressive Language Disorder, Developmental Mathematics Disorder, Learning Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, Non- Verbal (What the heck is that!) Possible Sensory Processing Disorder and possible Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Seizure Disorder. Is there no way to narrow all this down to one thing. It's not that I want to put a label on her, it would just be so much easier for me to explain, especially to myself, if I could focus on one thing! I guess I am ADD as well! I can't wait to go to our next appt. on Friday so we can get some direction in dealing with all this. Mary is getting more difficult to handle. I feel like I am caring for a toddler. I have to have my eye on her every minute. She will leave the house without telling anyone, and she has started to destroy her clothing. Mary will pick at the hems of her shirts and shorts until they unravel, and she will rip them. I have string all over my house! Mary's pediatrician put her on medication for her OCD, because she was picking at a spot on her forhead. Well the meds worked, she doesn't pick her head anymore, just her cuticles and her clothing. What now??

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